Our Businesses

Dynamic Group having three companies

a) Dynamic Creations – Since 1987 – It is the manufacturer of woven labels
b) Indo Fila Synthetics – Since 2002. – This is the first unit brough Filament yarn and nylon technology to Tirupur. It produces Micro Filament Yarn whih is much superior in quality when companred to what isbeing produced in the north india. Indo Fila Synthetics has a production unit in Tirupur at Iduvampalayam. It has a capacity to produce 3.5 Tonnes of polyester yarn and nylon yarn per day. In House yarn dyeing unit is an additional feather in its crown. This unit can dye Nylon, Polyester and micro Filament yarn with international dyeing parameters. Our CF quality yarn has an extra soft and cotton feeling which is widely accepted by the Foreign buyers. Indo Fila Synthetics having show room in near to Head Office. Products – Grey & Dyed Polyester threads, Micro Filament Yarns, Micro Filament Yarns with cotton blend, high tanacity, high elongation flexy yarn, most suitable for stiching purpose. when the garment is stretched the stiched yarn will also stretch.
c) Shiva Tapes – Since 2002 – It is the manufacuter of Crochet Elastic, Nylon Belt, Nivar Belt, Ropes, Tapes, Freill Elastics

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